Colossos SA is a family business which has had a successful presence in the hospitality industry for 56 years.

The company aims to maintain its leading role in the field of tourism, developing a variety of activities. In this context, it seeks the establishment, operation and leasing of all kinds of tourism businesses, such as hotels, leisure and catering facilities, as well as camping sites, not only in Rhodes but also all over Greece. Currently, the company is engaged in the operation and leasing of the hotels RODOS PARK SUITES & SPA HOTEL, located in the centre of Rhodes, and COLOSSOS BEACH, located in the area of Kallithea in the Municipality of Rhodes.

In addition to this, Colossos SA, further enhancing its development course, aims at the establishment and operation of all kinds of tourist attraction and service businesses, directly or indirectly related to the hospitality and tourism industry, such as travel agencies, but also at the marketing and operation of ships, ferries and various other means of transport via land, sea or air. In this context it aspires to participate in existing or newly established companies of any form, even joint ventures that pursue the same, similar or other purposes. The objective is to provide multi-faceted and integrated services to better serve customers, at a time when the messages concerning the course of Greek tourism are encouraging and optimistic.

Finally, apart from the tourism and hospitality industry, the company is also active in the real estate sector -mainly focusing on the construction and marketing of building sites- and additionally it exercises financial operations by buying and selling shares, bonds and other financial securities, and buying and selling all kinds of foreign currencies. The successful expansion of the company in other industries and markets confirms the dynamic that has developed and reveals an even greater future potential.

Through these activities, Colossos SA has consolidated its presence in the Greek and European market as a strong and ever-growing power.

The company is a member of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the Commerce and Industry Chamber of the Dodecanese and Rhodes Hoteliers Association.