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Hospitality and Tourism Limited Company

The tourism and hospitality group Colossos SA is one of the first companies in the island of Rhodes to be active in this particular field. The company was founded in 1958 under the name Colossos Ltd. and in 1973 it was turned into a Hospitality and Tourism Industry SA, a form it maintains until today. The company’s duration was initially set at 50 years and in 1999 it was extended until 21/03/2073.

The original location was on 12 Rigas Feraios Street in Rhodes Town, and in 1995 it moved to the site of the hotel Colossos Beach in Kallithea in the Municipality of Rhodes. From its foundation until today, the company has been constant developing, always maintaining its original objective, which is to provide high quality services in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Today, the tourism and hospitality group Colossos SA is developing a range of activities and is a leading and constantly evolving force in the industry. The company is a member of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dodecanese and the Rhodes Hoteliers Association.

The Colossus of Rhodes

It was only appropriate that the tourist hotel group Colossos SA would get its name from the namesake statue, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, which dominated for decades over the port of Rhodes and is still a trademark of the island. The giant statue, which was erected in the 3rd century BC by architect Charis, depicted the god Helios, reaching a height of 33 meters! Helios gazed over the sea holding a torch, and it is said that his face was visible from the entrance to the city harbour. Its brass exterior reflected the sun’s rays, giving the feel of a real second sun.

The statue was destroyed in 227 BC by an earthquake, but its glory remained unchanged over the centuries. A symbol of victory and prosperity, the Colossus of Rhodes continues to this day to be a reference point for the island.