Due to the many years of its successful operation, the company has won an important place in the hospitality industry, constituting today a high quality investment group. By continually delivering quality services, it has developed an excellent company profile, earning the trust of the European tourism market while ensuring high occupancy and continued profitability, despite the strong competition that prevails in the industry both at a domestic level and the level of the Mediterranean countries.

The information by ICAP, concerning the market rate, the occupancy, and the capacity, are indicative of the position of the investment group in the hospitality industry in Greece. More analytically:

  • The company’s overall market share in hospitality luxury businesses, of A΄ and B΄ class, throughout the country was 0.7% in 1997 and 0.6% in 1998.
  • The company’s overall market share in A΄ class hotels was 1.2%.
  • The overall occupancy share of the company in proportion to all the hotels of the country in 1997 and 1998 was 0.4%.
  • The number of two units beds of the company in proportion to all the beds in the country represented the 0.3% in 1997 and 1998.
  • The number of A΄ class beds of the company in proportion to all the A΄ class beds of the country represented the 1.0% in 1997 and 1998.

The company’s strategic goal is its adaptation and development in the new framework set in the international tourism field, and the exploitation of the opportunities that arise.

The main objectives of the company for the coming years are:

Expansion into new markets through business partnerships
The rapid development of communications and the tendency to create strong business groups, both in the field of hotel services and the field of tourist holiday packages, creating new opportunities for growth. In the near future the company will pursue its collaboration with an international business group, aiming both at the expansion of its network into new markets and the development of expertise in the high-quality diversified tourism industry. Establishing partnerships will result in the strengthening of the company’s negotiating position in the market for tour operators.

Strengthening the management
To ensure its dynamic development and the strengthening of its position in the international arena, the company will pursue in the coming years the gradual strengthening of the management, by promoting younger members of the Board of Directors and managers, enhancing participation of prominent businessmen of the area in the Board of Directors, but also investing in internationally renowned business executives.

Long-term goals
The company intends to build a new luxurious hotel complex of apartments and houses in a plot of 80 acres opposite the hotel COAST COLOSSOS in Kallithea Rhodes, designed to provide high quality services. The apartments and villas will have a private pool and offer recreation in privacy conditions. This unit will be adapted to the high international tourism demands of the next decade.

At the peak of the Rhodian tourism

The upward trend of world tourism in the recent years is confirmed for 2015 as well with all forms of travel traffic (leisure, group, business travel etc.) growing at an impressive rate. In this context, the tourism industry is emerging with ever greater momentum, a driving force of economic growth, both locally and globally. Especially for Greek tourism, 2014 was a milestone year, as guests in our country exceeded 20 million.
These conditions create the ideal conditions for further development, which is reflected by the fact that several new hotels are opening their doors during this year’s tourist season. Along with the quantitative growth of traffic, there is also a clear tendency of “qualitative” development of the requirements of tourists with regard to their stay.
In this context, countries that are important tourist destinations such as Greece, have to invest in their tourism strategy, effectively differentiating their product. The aim is to take advantage of the significant opportunities that emerge through upgrading the quality of tourism services and adapting to new realities. In order to meet the ever increasing demands of tourists, those involved in tourism should pursue innovative proposals and alternative solutions to the traditional products of the accommodation sector.
In particular in recent years on the island of Rhodes an increase in all indicators of tourist traffic has been recorded, for example in the number of estimated overnight stays, daily expenditure per capita and the number of repeat customers, while at the same time significant strengthening of hotels over other types of accommodation has been recorded.
By focusing on the aforementioned data, the hotel group Colossos SA develops its activities in the light of the continuous development of services to meet the growing needs and demands of visitors. It makes strategic moves that will consolidate and strengthen its leading position in Rhodian tourism. Some of these moves were the current renovation of Colossos Beach Hotel to meet modern needs with even more success, the continuous quality improvement of the services provided in Rodos Park Suites & Spa, and the construction of the luxurious Marvel Luxury Resort & Spa. The aim is to develop cutting edge tourism products, to improve the experience of tourists and hence increase consumption.
Finally, the hotel group Colossos SA is a pioneer in the new emerging trends, which concern the leading role of the Internet as the primary method of researching the tourist experience, and the objective to extend the tourist season.